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What is fractional ownership?

Below are some frequently asked questions.

What is fractional ownership?

Fractional investors buy a part or fraction of a property and assume a low amount of liability, reducing the overall involved risk associated with the investment.

Who benefits from fractional ownership?

The fractional owner and  the investment firm both profit. Both groups receive percentages of the income generated from either renting out the property or increased property value.

What are the benefits?

James Masterbuilt Homes would manage the home, find renters and handle the rent payments while parsing out dividends to the investors based on the percentage they contributed.

Is it only for investment purposes?

No, the fractional owners could have the opportunity to purchase the full property depending on the terms of their specific contract.

Why should you invest?

The initial investment is lower than other reality investment opportunities and still include the same benefits based on percentage invested.

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