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Media Upgrades

Move your media into the 21st century

Two media packages are available to add the ultimate in smart media for TV, movies, and music.

Entertainment Package 1

Smart 55'' Ultra HD TVs

Access to your favorite streaming apps built right into your television controlled with your smartphone or tablet.

Smart Surround Sound System

Tie your smart home system right into your sound system to control all aspects of your home audio experience.

Voice Control

Voice-activated controls via smartphone or tablet to control any one of your smart media devices.

Entertainment Package 2

Smart 75'' Ultra HD TV

Add another, bigger TV to your home placed where you want for your viewing pleasure.

Second Surround Sound System

Surround sound system for your 75″ Ultra HD TV, with the same easy of use and control.

Blu-Ray Players

Add smart blu-ray players connected to all your televisions controlled with your smartphone or tablet.

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