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Smart Security

Below are our Smart Security Upgrade Package Features

Standard security equipment is installed in every James Masterbuilt Homes property and two additional security packages are available to further your safety and comfort.

Motion Detectors

Sensors strategically placed throughout your home allow you to rest peacefully, knowing that you and your family are constantly on guard against intruders.

Smoke and CO Detectors

Intelligent smoke detectors and carbon monoxide sensors stay alert at all times and provide your home with constant vigilance against deadly hazards.

Water Leak Sensors

About 40% of homeowners experience water damage, most of which is preventable. Don’t fall victim to costly repairs with constant water leak monitoring.

Advanced Upgrades

Increase your home's defenses against intruders and monitor the activity in and around your home

Doorbell Monitor

Monitor the traffic around your front door. Whether you are expecting a delivery, a family member, or a visitor, find comfort in 24/7 surveillance at your primary entrance.

Interior Cameras

Upgrade your security system to incorporate in-home surveillance too. Wireless accessibility allows you to monitor your home while you are away.

Intrusion Detectors

Defend all of your home’s entrances with intrusion sensors. Placed on all windows and doors this advanced line of defense will alert you whenever an entrance has been breached.

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