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Included Features

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Solar panels/shingles will be installed on every James Masterbuilt Home to provide Net-Zero energy, saving you money and supplying power even if the the local power grid fails.


Through the full suite of interconnected devices, each area of your home can be controlled while the system learns your preferences to minimize energy usage and insure comfort.


Included in our standards options are smart locks, front door camera and keypad entry but we also offer two additional security packages to increase the security of the home.

Optional Features

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Two media packages are available to add the ultimate in smart entertainment for TV, movies, and gaming


Our smart kitchen package is available to make meal times and shopping as easy, enjoyable, and manageable as possible.


Smart washer and dryer tied with a clothing care system will have you looking just as good as you’ll feel.

Customize your dream home!

Select from a range of luxury features.

James Masterbuilt Homes is one of the leading developers of Net-Zero homes. From design to construction, each home is engineered to produce as much energy as used. Take a look at the following features (renewable solar energy, Net-Zero and Smart technology) along with details on our process to owning your James Masterbuilt Smart Net-Zero home.

What do you need from your home?

Contact us for our full equipment list and learn what technology will best suit your needs.

Why Solar?

  • It offers a limitless supply of clean, safe, renewable energy
  • Your ongoing energy costs are not affected by the ever-increasing price of bio-fuels
  • Savings are both immediate and long term
  • The use of solar energy reduces our dependency on foreign suppliers
  • Solar energy systems are virtually maintenance free and last for decades

What is "Net-Zero"?

Net-Zero energy means that over a period of time, your energy saving systems (be it solar, geothermal or wind) will produce enough power to offset your energy bills. To accomplish this, your system is required to be connected to the region’s power grid and that your homee is engineered to be energy efficient.

Home Options

James Masterbuilt Homes offers custom-built modular homes that are specifically engineered for energy savings. However, there are very few limitations to our designs. They range from cozy studio and cottage spaces to spacious four bedroom homes with 16′ (4.9 meters) ceilings. Our patent pending energy saving products will work for you to achieve NET ZERO energy bills.

Make It Yours

Part of designing a home is choosing interior and exterior amenities. With an almost endless list of products, materials, colors and upgrade packages available, James Masterbuilt Homes is here to help you create the ultimate Smart Net-Zero home custom tailored to your needs. Contact one of our representatives by phone or email to discuss the options and begin customizing your home.

Build Your Home

Because our homes are factory built, we can guarantee the home will be assembled to a standard second to none. During the building process, your home and materials are kept dry and free from damage in a controlled environment. Your home can be under construction while the site is prepared, thus saving valuable time. Once the home is delivered to your lot in the community, it can be assembled and “move-in” ready in approximately 30 days.

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Our Smart Net-Zero homes are built with the highest quality materials, solar power array, and interconnected smart devices to make your at-home experience the best it can be.

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James Masterbuilt Homes has Smart Net-Zero developments and communities in progress across the United States. Check out our flagship communities below and select which Smart Net-Zero development suits you best.


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