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Net Zero Smart Homes

The future of your energy bill is balanced and intelligent.

James Masterbuilt Homes has Smart Net-Zero developments and communities in progress across the United States. Check out our flagship communities below and select which Smart Net-Zero development suits you best.

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George’s Colonial Estates is located in the lush woodlands of Pennsylvania. A private access golf course acts as the central theme of the community. The conveniently located Community Center includes a wide variety of wellness activities and a host of luxurious amenities.

James Masterbuilt Homes is developing communities in all five regions of the United States.

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James Masterbuilt Homes is developing communities throughout the nation.

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Our Smart Net-Zero homes are built with the highest quality materials, solar power array, and interconnected smart devices to make your at-home experience the best it can be.


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Take a look at the following features (renewable solar energy, Net-Zero and Smart technology) along with details on our process to owning your James Masterbuilt Smart Net-Zero home.

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