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Fractional Ownership Investing

Fractional Ownership Investing

The Future of Real Estate investing.

Traditional real estate investing can be a complex arduous process, often requiring involvement from various forms of professional council.

James Masterbuilt Homes is eager to introduce fractional ownership investing. A revolutionary way of investing that reduces the intricacies and risks investors often face when buying property.

In traditional property investments, the buyer acquires debt, or cost of the property along with taxes, fees, and interest. In return, the investor obtains a tangible asset, the property, and is responsible for repaying the debt over a period of time.

This common route of investing leaves the liability of the property in the hands of the investor. Worse, because the investor must make continued payments to repay the debt.

When entering a fractional ownership program with James Masterbuilt Homes, these risks disappear. Fractional Investors buy a part or fraction of a property and assume a low amount of liability reducing the overall involved risks associated with the investment.

Over time the property will increase in value just like traditional property investing, however, the investor need not worry about maintenance, insurance, renting, selling, or other taxes and fees associated with traditional home owner investing.

Even better, James Masterbuilt Homes will then lease your property for you and then manage all associated maintenance costs for the price of your first month’s rent.

Then you can watch as your investment grows and generates continuous passive income for years to come.

James Masterbuilt Homes is a Net-Zero Energy, Smart Home development company based in the United States and provides services Internationally.


James Masterbuilt Homes is a proud developer of net-zero energy, smart homes. To learn more about James Masterbuilt Homes and our available developments please visit our homes or communities pages.

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