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Smart Standards

Our standards are a cut above the rest

The standard equipment placed in each area of your home is pre-programed to minimize energy usage while insuring comfort, usability and efficiency.

Wireless Integrated Hub

Using Z-Wave, Zigbee, and wireless communication over a mesh network, each aspect of your home is easily controlled.

Smart Locks/Motion Sensors

Standard smart security includes locks, motion sensors and keypad entry for easy access and monitoring of your home.

Electric Car Charger

Electronic vehicle supply equipment built into every home for easy charging of many kinds of electronic vehicles.

Smart Switches/Plugs/Lighting

Through a combination of smart switches, plugs and lights you can turn on or shut off non-smart devices physically or with an app.

Smart Thermostat

Control temperature wirelessly while the system learns your heating/cooling preferences and reduces energy usage.

Smart Water Leak Sensors

Water leak sensors in bathrooms, kitchen, and garage along with smart shut-off valve to protect your home from costly water damage.

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